What??? 2005??? twothousandandfive??? I just can't belive it. One and a half years have passed without anything happening here. But even thing which have seemd to have come to a standstill can get back into motion. As you may - or may not - have read on the TCA mailing list these pages have found a new home at http://www.tca-jn.de. But you have found them anyway.

Meanwhile I have also found the leisure (and money) to build myself a new system with a P4 2.8 GHz with a ATI Radeon 9800 and Window XP Pro. With this system I should be able to run FS9 and restart my pilot career at TCA. Time restrictions from my job in the real world have also relieved somewhat.

Two updates within a month? Well, yes. Honestly, after having rediscovered the joys of flight simming my motivation to do the rest of the flight plan files for you has considerably improved. And Detlev (have I mentioned him before? Thank you, pal) keeps sending in these NAV flight plans so that i feel some kind of obligation to publish them.

Anyway, here is the next update for the library. This time it's the LAN Chile code share flights. Again I have all formats for you except FS Navigator. FSN is difficult for me because I don't have it and don't want to buy it either. And there is no conversion tool from NAV 3.0 to FSN, afaik. If someone out there is willing to create them and send them to me I'd gladly publish them.

You won't believe it but I'm still alive. After a long inactive break (FS-wise, mind you) I have gone to 'ACTIVE' mode again. In all respects. I'm back to flying and back to doing flight plans. Honestly this wasn't entirely my doing. I've received a wakeup call from another German TCA member, Detlev Rohmer. He sent me NAV 3.0 flightplans for the Chilean sector. All I had to do was to convert them into the other formats. And that whet my appetite for flying again.

Why did I quit in the first place, you may ask. The problem was that I had a machine incapable of running FS2000 or even FS2002 decently. So I got a fair amount of hang-ups and hick-ups and all the other pests you can imagine. At one point I was so fed up with wasting my time on FS that I gave up completely. Meanwhile I've upgraded my PC to something that is, well, not state of the art any longer (AMD XP1700+, 384 MB Memory, GeForce TI 4200, etc.), but FS2k2 just screams on this setup. Now flying really is fun again.

As I mentioned above, the latest addition to the library is the TCA Chile sector (without the LAN Chile code share flights) in all formats except FS Navigator.

Once again new files for FS Navigator, again created by Johan van Wijngaarden. The TDM sectors Bahamas and Leeward Islands have been covered.

Hi, it's me again. Today I've got some new files for FS Navigator for you, courtesy of Johan van Wijngaarden. The TCA Southamerica and the TDM Netherlands Antilles lines have been added to the list. More to come.

Apart from this I have started to update the existing files to the new summer schedule 0201. The TCA Caribbean lines have already been checked with the rest to follow shortly.

With a small tear in my eye I have to announce that I will discontinue the ProFlight98 service. Simple reason is that I don't have it installed anymore. Anyway, even though there are still some FS98 users among the TCA community, I suppose that PF98 is not beeing used anymore. So much for today. Hope to talk to you again soon.


No, I'm not dead yet, even if I gave you this impression. But I realise that quite some time passed since I did the last update here. Lots of things happened inside and outside of the FS world - good and not-so-good things. Exactly one week after my last post here terrorism stopped the world cold. And suddenly you start thinking how unimportant something like this site is. But I have recovered from this crisis. So right in time for Xmas here are my next small contributions to the best VA on earth (TCA-TOW).

I have started to check the flight plans against the new schedule (revision 0101) for changes. In the different sections I have indicated which files are up to date and which have been updated. All the rest will follow shortly, very shortly ;-)

Johan van Wijngaarden sent me the complete sets for TCA Caribbean and TCA Centralamerica for FS Navigator V3 and V4. I have created the flightplans for the TDM Honduras section in all formats but FS Navigator (don't own it) and PF98 (already available).

Further on I have created the TDM Honduras section. It is available in all formats now except FS Navigator.


"Il cavallino rampante" did it again.

I know that this is way off topic. Congratulations to Ferrari and Michael Schumacher. Two weeks ago at the Hungarian Grand Prix at Budapest Michael Schumacher won his fourth title as FIA Formula 1 World Champion. Now he is equal with Alain Prost (who also won four Championships as a driver), and only one behind the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio. At the same time La Scuderia Ferrari won their 10th Driver's and their 11th Constructors Championship. With still four Grand Prix to go.
Last weekend at Spa-Francorchamps, where he made his debut as a Formula 1 driver exactly 10 years ago, Shumacher completed his 52nd victory and is now leading alone ahead of Alain Prost (51 victories) and the late Ayrton Senna (41 victories). Who knows how many races Senna would have won by now if he hadn't been killed in this terrible accident in Imola 1994.

B2B (back to business) :-)
I have been able to finish the TCA Mexican lines. So another major section of TCA is completely covered. And, on popular request, I have done the TCA Pacific section. If you want to take a break from the Caribbean, this might be an alternative. Enjoy! And I, for one, am going to prepare for the next Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Italian GP on September, 16 in Monza near Milano. Maybe we can celebrate victory # 53. How I prepare? Easy, I fire up my Grand Prix 3 from Microprose and do a terrific race at Monza myself. Btw, in case you want to come down to Milano to watch the event, you could take TCA Intercontinental flight 1172 from Curaçao to Amsterdam and there change to KLM flight KL1619 to Milano Linate. CU there!! ;-)

It's me again. Welcome back after the summer holiday. I've been to Mallorca in sunny Spain. What a beautiful island. With my APU fully recharged I'm back to work and to my other duties. Speaking of duties, I have done another update on TCA Mexico. The lines 0322-0323 are now available. In addition I have uploaded the TDM Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands section. Please note that the above mentioned lines are not available in FS Navigator format as of yet.

With regards to the Airport Facility Directory I have further improved the search database. Now you can even search for airports in a given time zone! Just enter 'UTC+3' or 'UTC-5' or 'UTC+-0' and you'll get all airports in that time zone.

Hello, friends. Some new uploads. Update on TCA Mexico continues with the lines 0313-0321 in all formats except FS Navigator. And I have the TDM Hawaii service for you in all formats, except PF98 (which were previously available) and FS Navigator. I have further uploaded the flight plans for the TDM Grenadines section in Radar Contact and Adventure Briefing format, which were missing from the last upload. Have fun!

The Airport Facility Directory now contains all 516 destinations of TCA, as published in the Line Schedule 0002 from November 1, 2000. What is not yet included are TCA Venezuela and TCA Alaska. They will follow as soon as I find the time.

I know, I know, I have been slow with updates recently. You all know the excuses. Not enough time, too much work, etc. You've heard them all, haven't you. As a compensation I have some great news for you.

Thanks to Johan van Wijngaarden we can now offer flight plans for the highly acclaimed FS Navigator too. Johan has created flight plans both for FS Navigator 3 and 4. The flight plans for version 4 should be compatible with all versions 4.x of FS Navigator. I have continued work on the TCA Mexico service. The lines 0310-0312 have been added in all formats except FS Navigator in this update. In addition to that I have uploaded flight plans for TDM Grenadines for FS2000, NAV, ACS-GPS, SFP and Squawkbox. Have fun!

I have added a search feature to the Airport Facility Directory. Now you can search for an airport by ICAO code, airport name, location name etc. And you can also browse airports by State, Country, Center, location coordinates and so far and so forth. You will no longer have to scan through long lists of airport names or ICAO codes. I hope you like this new feature.

"As the years go passing by"
Someone out there who remembers the song with the above title? No, probably not. Too long ago. Eric Burdon and the Animals had this title on their album 'Ring of Fire'.

Another year has gone and a new one started. Not a perfect start for me as I had to completely reinstall my system starting from scratch. In the meantime I have recovered and are back to normal operation. First sign of life from me in 2001 are the TDM American Parcels Service (APS) Commission lines in all formats except PF98, which has already been available. Next service I intend to work on will be the new TCA Mexico department.

On the Airport Facility Directory the number of available airports have exceeded 450. Still rising. Did you know that TCA serves more than 500 destinations? Phew!

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