NOTAMS from yesterday?


I'd like to wish all of you a very merry Xmas and a happy, healthy and joyful New Year 2001.

I have been slow with updates recently, I know. I've been suffering from a severe lack of time. Too many chores have been stockpiling on my desk. But that will hopefully change next year.

But Santa Claus does not come to you with empty hands, of course. Today I have uploaded the TDM Jamaica service in all formats but PF98 (already available) and the latest and final update to the Intercontinental lines. Eventually! The last flight was really a pain in the a*** because the first leg consists of 43 waypoints. But PF98 has this ugly limitation of max. 30 user defined waypoints. Therefore I had to select which ones to leave out.

Good news is that my problems with FS2000 (see entry from 11-09-00) have miraculously been solved. What have I done? Actually nothing but defragmented my hard drive. That did the trick.

03-30-2000 I will be out of town for the whole month of April. Unfortunately that does mean that there will be no updates for the time being. But I promise that I will have some exciting stuff waiting for you on my return. Be surprised! But I'm not going to tell you now. You'll have to be patient.

Speaking of surprises, it came as quite a surprise when MS published a second patch for FS2000 (never thought they would) and even more so when they removed it from their site a few days later after reports from Mathijs Kok from Lago about disappearing dynamic scenery at dusk/night/dawn. And now there's only silence...

11-09-2000 New TCA schedule 0002 published on Nov. 01, 2000

Rainer has recently published the new winter schedule for TCA. This means that I will have to check all lines for changes. Starting today a series of new uploads will make my archives again compatible with the valid schedule. What have we got here?

  • TCA Caribbean: lines 0300-0304 excluded (new service sector Mexico)
  • TCA Mexico: new service, at the moment only lines 0300-0304
  • TCA Northamerica: new lines 2580-2581 added
  • TDM Leeward Islands: added in all formats

Latest news on the Intercontinental lines. I still have to create on line (1610-11). This is going to happen next week. Then I will finally be able to conclude this section. Next to be tackled will probably be Mexico.

Latest (bad) news on PF2000: at the moment I am virtually unable to do any flying because I keep running into all sorts of errors. Sooner or later (more often sooner than later) I'll get a BSOD (address exception 0E) or suddenly the screen turns black with green horizontal bars in the top line. All kinds of weird things. It is very difficult to make out what causes these problems. I'm quite frustrated as you can imagine. I've tried everything that has been suggested in the newsgroups but to no avail. As soon as I can get FS2000 back to work I'll do some thorough testing of PF2000.

10-19-2000 I do have to apologize for the delay. I have been very busy in the office and at my new house, therefore little time was left for flight simulator or this service. This will change again now!

Another thing that ate up my spare time was to prepare a move of the Airport Facility Directory due to space limitations on this account. The move has been completed and you can find the AFD at its new location. I hope to have the link on the TCA mainpage updated asap.

That's not the only activity! I have resumed the flight plan creation :-). Today I have uploaded an update of the Intercontinental lines including line 1500-1503. Only the lines 1600-01 and 1610-11 are still missing. Another upload were the still missing formats (RC99 and FS2KADV) for the TDM Bahama lines.

Another project that I intend to start as soon as my time permits is the support for ProFlight 2000. From my first tries I already know that there are a few things to be taken care of. As a starter I have uploaded wav files with the TCA callsign for all default voices. Hope you like it. An instruction on how to get the TCA callsign working in PF2000 can be found on the new PF2000 page.

09-28-2000 Yippiiieee!!! ProFlight2000 has arrived. I haven't had a lot of time yet to play around with it. First test flights will follow in the next few days. But I've already had a look at the interface. Here are my first impressions:

It is not so different from PF98. If you were used to the PF98 look and feel you will feel at home in no time. Different from PF98 there is no database included in the package. This is because PF2000 uses FS2000 flight plans exclusively. So either you create your own flight plan within FS2K or you go to the FS2000 download section on this page and download the TCA flights here. Go to the FS2000 files section and download the packages there and you are nearly set.

Uploads will continue shortly. I just have to read through the pile of 600+ e-mails from the mailing list and about 1000 postings on the various forums I am subscribed to. After that the normal work procedsure can resume. Stay tuned for more.

09-01-2000 Hi, folks. Haven't been with you for a while. It is amazing how quickly you can get slowed down. The finishing touches to my new house occupied more of my time than I assumed. And I have started a new project at work with some travel involved. Therefore I wasn't able to get a lot of computer time. I haven't even managed to complete the Intercontinentals.

But I have at least something for you: the TDM Bahamas lines in all formats except PF98 (already available), Radar Contact and Adventure Briefing (conversion not yet completed). Those will follow shortly. Meanwhile I've found tools that convert ACS-GPS or SFP flight plans int FSNavigator V3.0 format. They have been written by Dennis Thompson and are available from This means that I will soon be able to offer FSNav formats of the flight plans too.

Great news is that I've received a mail from Martin Arant from AETI telling me that my copy of PF2000 will ship this week. I'm extremely excited. As soon as I hold the package in my hands I'll try to evaluate the new features. I'll let you know what I've found out.

As our new house is nearly finished (you are never quite finished with a house, are you?) we're going to move in right now. For this reason I will go on holidays immediately after the office hours today and I will return on September 25. Apart from the fact that my time is sacrificed to the move this also means no access to my computer, as usual. So don't expect anything new from me before the 25th. Hope you'll have a great time until then.

08-08-2000 The next Intercontinental update. Probably this will be the last update before I finish the Intercontinentals. It contains two new sets of lines (1220-21 and 1230-31) and lines 1190 to 1211 have been updated to the new schedule. Now all lines from 1010 up to 1231 are available in all formats. Only lines missing are 1500-03, 1600/01 and 1610/11. Additionally I have uploaded the flight plans from the TDM service sector Netherlands Antilles and Venezuela in all formats except PF98 (has already been available). In the near future I'll try to add all the other service sectors of TDM one by one.

Airport Facility Directory: on popular demand I have added a search list sorted by ICAO code. Now you can locate an airport either by name or by ICAO identifier. It is still a rather basic search, but my capabilities are limited in this field. Maybe when I have more time again I'll try to figure out how this could be done more elegantly. Also on popular demand I have started to add facility frequencies (tower, clearance, etc.). As the AFD contains already more than 350 airports you can imagine that it will take some time until all airports have frequencies added.

07-20-2000 Eventually I'm back online. That means that I can (and will) answer e-mails again that you send me. What it was? A cable! In the end it all came down to a broken cable. Well, I know that these things happen, I'm in the computer industry. But why me??? These things usually affect someone else, maybe Oso <g> but not me.

But I haven't been lazy meanwhile. This next update contains one new set of lines (1150-1153 'around the world' trip) and lines 1120 to 1181 have been updated to the new schedule. Now all lines from 1010 up to 1181 are available in all formats. I don't want to promise too much but maybe the TCA International schedule will be finished by the end of August. Let's see how many time my house will give me in the next few weeks.

07-12-2000 I'm still offline. But the service technician of the Deutsche Telekom promised to come on Thursday. Hopefully then I'll be able to participate in the mailing list again. And download the tons of files that have been uploaded to And read the thousands of new newsgroup entries... I'll be pretty busy on Thursday :-)

Today I have the second portion of updated flight plans of the Intercontinental lines. Line 1090 is completely new. Lines 1060 to 1110 have been checked against the current schedule. All lines up to and including 1110 are now available in all formats.

No news on PF2000! The product still is in beta stage. No new release date other than 'available soon' has been published. All you get are apologies for the delay.

07-05-2000 Thanks to Rainer for the nice advertisement in the newsroom. To those who have been drawn here for the first time by this announcement: Welcome, make yourself at home and I hope that you like what you find on these pages. If you have been here before, you are of course welcome too.

I feel a bit excluded from the world at the moment. The Deutsche Telekom managed to cut off my phone line completely when they should only switch it from analogue to ISDN. That means no internet and no e-mail for the time being. This latest update was uploaded from work. But I must be careful with that as my company doesn't like private (ab)use of company property.

Apropos the latest updates. What we have here is the first overhaul of the Intercontinental lines. Lines 1010 to 1050 have been updated to the current schedule and are available now in all formats. The rest of the lines will be updated soon and new lines will follow shortly. How soon depends on when we will move into our new house (did I mention before that we build a house right now?). We actually wanted to move in in September, but it may well be that we'll have to get out of the old house immediately. I'll let you know.

The Airport Facility Directory now holds 330 airports all around the world and is ever growing. I'm nowhere near the finish line. So if you still can't find the airport that you are looking for, have some patience. It will eventually show up.

06-15-2000 One piece of good news (at least for me) is that PF2000 will be able to read FS2K flight plans directly. That means that you will be able to start right away with what's already available here. You will not have to wait until I'll have fixed some PF2K flight plans. I hope that PF98 flight plans will be compatible too. Back to more recent things. Today I have uploaded the Tradewind Air Cargo lines (TAC) in all formats except PF98 and ACS-GPS which are both already complete. Next week I will resume work on the Intercontinental lines, so expect an update soon.

05-29-2000 This summer is going to be a terribly busy but also terribly exciting time for me. Why? Because we (my wife and me) are building our own house and expect to move in in September. Until then lots of tasks have to be performed still. Tiles and carpets have to be laid, the walls need some paint, the ceilings have to be covered with wood and so on. If you want to know where it is, it is near the private airport Kirchdorf/Inn (EDNK). You can actually visit it in FS2K. Take off from Munich (EDDM),turn east to 098° and keep this hdg for 48 nm. Or take off from Innsbruck (LOWI) and follow the river Inn north east. You can use Salzburg VOR (SBG 113.80) as a reference. SBG is 14.6 nm at 193° from Kirchdorf.

But now back to the serious things :-)
Because of these activities my update speed will eventually slow down. But I try to keep it at the current level as long as possible. Therefore I have got new uploads for you. Today it is the Southamerica lines in all formats except PF98 and ACS-GPS which are both already complete.

05-24-2000 After Rainer released Santa Fuerta virtual Island for FS2000 I have decided to redo the Caribbean lines 0131 and 0711. These two lines have a stop at Para Siempre Intl. They were missing from the FS2000, Adventure Briefing and RC99 archives anyway. Reason was that it is not possible to convert flight plans from NAV to FS2K or RC99 respectively if an airport does not have an ICAO identifier which neither Sta. Fuerta nor Mriya Cay has. I've found a little tool by Rafael Sanchez called AFD which is intended to create AFD files (hence the name) for FS98 and FS2000. That did the trick.

What do we have in detail?
      TCA Northamerica for RC99 and Adventure Briefing
      TCA Centralamerica for RC99 and Adventure Briefing
 TCA Caribbean for FS2K, SB, RC99 and Adventure Briefing

05-23-2000 Here is the next set of files for you. I have created the TCA Northamerican lines in NAV format and converted to FS2000 format, SFP format and SB format.

Latest news on PF2000! According to AETI expected release date is 06-15-2000. The product is now in the beta testing phase. I only hope that it will not be postponed time and again. Although, if I am unfortunate I will have to wait longer still, because I've ordered the combination package together with Flight Director 2000 to save shipping costs. And Flight1 haven't even published a release date yet.

05-18-2000 As you can see, update speed has considerably increased again. I hope that I can keep this pace for some time. What have we got today? I have completed the conversion of the TCA Caribbean lines to RC99 format and as an added bonus I can therefore also offer the complete FS2000 Adventure Briefings.

The TCA Airport Directory has grown to about 250 different airports already. My final goal is to cover all TCA destinations. At the moment the service includes all airports served by the TCA Caribbean section, North- and Southamerica lines and the Intercontinental lines.

05-16-2000 Hello, fellow TCA pilots! I have been quite busy checking the changes in the new summer schedule. Meanwhile I'm nearly through. That means I can soon return to creating new flight plans. PF2000 has been postponed into August, unfortunately. So we will have to be patient.

Thanks to Skip Ryan I have got the information concerning Squawk Box and have now been able to uploaded the first SB archives. And I have updated the RC99 Flight Plans and FS2K Adventure Briefings for the Caribbean lines. Apropos RC99, if someone already knows then could you please brief me on compatibility of the RC99 files here with Radar Contact 99 Version 2.

05-08-2000 As Rainer has published the new Summer schedule I have started to update the existing sections. And I have started to fill those new sections. Here are the first files of the new formats. The only format missing so far is Squawk Box because I do no use it myself and nobody told me yet what to do with the .spb files. Therefore I wasn't able to fix a readme file yet. Apart from this little nuissance we have the following new entries:

   TCA Caribbean lines in the formats for FS2000, Adventure Briefings and Super Flight Planner. Check it out! They are not yet complete but this will only take a short while.

   You may or may not have seen it already. There is a new menue entry to the left. The Airport Directory. It contains all the necessary information for all destinations that are served by TCA. Actually not all destinations yet but the number is growing every day and eventually we will cover all of them. What's the intention? So far the flight plans usually indicate one runway/ILS for every destination. But with advanced weather engines and adventure creators that make full use of the former more and more of our pilots want to play it real. That means real world procedures and departing and landing runways according to prevailing wind conditions. But this requires to have all the runway information at hand.

05-04-2000 Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends...
Even the longest vacation comes to an end and so I'm back in my office and back to my computer. But I haven't been lazy in the meantime. Therefore - as I have already promised and announced on the mailing list - new entries in the download section are waiting for you. The most exciting is probably the FS2000 flight plans. These plans can be directly loaded into the flight planner built into FS2K and then tracked down with the FS2000 GPS.

Please give me another two or three days until the first files pop up on the new pages. It is quite a bit of work to put all those pieces together. I'll notify you when the first uploads are on the server.

To give you something in the meantime I have updated the TCA Caribbean files for NAV V3.0 and Francesco sent me new flight plans for the TCA Air Cargo department in NAV and RC99 formats.

03-19-2000 At the moment I have the feeling that the speed at which important uploads arrive at and other sources is extremely high. Almost no day without a new 'must have'. These last few days the following major products were published (needless to say that all of them are highly recommended):
  •    Microsoft's second FS2000 patch (aka the shadow patch)
  •    Ted Wright's NAV 3.0
  •    APLC32 V1.32 by Martin H. Smith
  •    FSUIPC V1.57

I don't want to give the impression that this is as important as the above but here is the next set of new flightplans for you covering the lines 1190-91, 1200-01 and 1210-11, as usual for PF98 and ACS-GPS. Slowly the Intercontinental section is nearing its completion.

03-08-2000 Have you already ordered your copy of PF2000? No? Well, I have! Due to the fact that it takes usually quite a long time until products are available in Germany I have decided to go this way. If all goes well I will receive a combination package of PF2000 and FD2000 together depending on the availability of Flight Director (scheduled release date is some time in May). But as I'm away on holidays throughout April this is early enough for me. I do plan to support ProFlight for FS2000 the same way that I supported PF98. Promised!

In the meantime I have new flightplans for you covering the lines 1140, 1160, 1170-72 and 1180-81, as usual for PF98 and ACS-GPS. This time I had to skip the Round the World trip (line 1150-53 due to the lack of charts. Sorry for the inconvenience!

02-24-2000 No new product information from AETI, but a PF2000 pre order page is up and running at with the possibility to order ProFlight for FS2000 alone or in combination with Flight Director 2000 from Flight One Software. Shipping is scheduled for April, 15 for PF2000 and May for FD2000.

As of yet I am unable to say if the PF98 flight plans will work with PF2000 but FS2000 generated flight plans will (at least says the marketing blurb). This means that I will add a section for FS2000 flight plans. Anyone willing to provide some?????

I have generated new flightplans for intercontinental lines 1110, 1130 and 1131, as usual for PF98 and ACS-GPS. Line 1130/31 is especially interesting for me as it has Munich as its destination. Once again I had to skip a line (1120) due to the lack of charts. I have planned to order them asap but they are quite expensive (e.g. Middle East/Asia high altitude entoute charts about US$ 150 - without low altitude or terminal area charts).

02-17-2000 Unfortunately AETI did not keep their promise. No new information concerning PF2000. The only news is that there will not only be an upgrade offer for PF98 users but also a combination package ProFlight 2000 & FlightDirector 2000. Sounds great, doesn't it?
In the meantime I have uploaded new intercontinental lines. I have skipped line 1090 for the moment as I do not (yet) own most of the enroute charts for these areas. Therefore the next lines available are 1080, 1100 and 1101, as usual for PF98 and ACS-GPS.
02-14-2000 Exciting news for all PF98 users!!!!!
Last friday AETI announced the upcoming release of ProFlight 2000. They have not yet set a release date. More product and pre-ordering info will be available tomorrow. And there will be a special upgrade offer. Here are some of the exciting features:
  • PF2000 uses airport and navaid information directly out of FS2000
  • Victor and Jet airways available
  • Improved departure and approach vectoring
  • PF2000 reads FS2000 flight plans - but that's not the end of my project :-))
  • New and improved Flight Management Computer
  • Many more pilot and controller voices
  • More aircraft and livery callsigns
  • Bonus aircraft and enhanced panels
  • Game Commander compatibility for direct voice response to ATC
02-07-2000 I have updated the FS2000 compatibility page to my best knowledge. Most of the problems re PF98 compatibility have been solved with the release of FSUIPC.DLL by Pete Dowson. You know that already? Fine, then let's keep it here for those who still haven't upgraded to FS2K. And here is the latest update of the Intercontinental lines both for PF98 and for ACS-GPS. This update includes the lines 1060, 1070 and 1071. Still way to go!
01-27-2000 Here is the latest update of the Intercontinental lines both for PF98 and for ACS-GPS. This update includes the new lines 1040 and 1050.

In addition Francesco sent me new lines for the Leeward Islands both for NAV 3.0 and for RC99.

01-18-2000 Here is the latest update of the Intercontinental lines both for PF98 and for ACS-GPS. This update includes the new lines 1021 and 1031. And I corrected a big mistake that I have made in line 1030. I had entered one intersection with 117° western latitude instead of 117° eastern. This would have meant a detour of a few thousend nautical miles.

You may ask yourself why it takes me so long to get a new line ready. First reason is that I have a real world profession that keeps me from devoting more time to the things I really like. Secondly, lots of the waypoints outside the US are not contained in the PF98 database. Others have the wrong coordinates. Therefore I have to check every single VOR, NDB or intersection against my set of Jeppesen charts and the FS2K database. This is the only way to maintain that you will savely reach your destination when using these flight plans. At least as long as I don't make mistakes like the above one.

Sometimes my PF98 flight plans differ from the flight plans published in the official TCA schedule. The reason is that some of the waypoints are nowhere to be found on my charts. Then I replace them with available ones. I do regularly communicate those findings to Rainer Labie to make sure that those flight plans get corrected.

01-04-2000 Hey, it's me again. I have another upload for you. I'm beginning to become terribly fast. But there haven't been too many changes so I can do the updates in no time at all! And I'd like to have all flight plans available before the Summer schedule comes out on April 1 (that's a joke, isn't it?).

Today I've uploaded the updated Air Cargo lines. Norm Sternberg has given the lines C301 - C304 a face lift. The rest of the Cargo lines remains unchanged. All available TCA services reflect the current schedule now. Therefore I can return to the Intercontinental section. Expect the next lines there soon.

01-03-2000 Hello, again and welcome to the Year 2000. I hope you all moved into the New Year as smoothly as I did. I would like to express my dearest wishes to all of you for the Year ahead. That you may prosper and that all you touch turn into gold. And good health, of course, because health is more important than anything else. And let us not forget those who are worse off than us.

I promised to start immediately with the update of the PF98 flight plans to the new winter schedule. So here I start as promised. In the corresponding sections you will find the updated TCA Caribbean schedules for PF98 and ACS-GPS. You will find in the download section that the parts of the TCA schedule that have changed but not yet been updated are marked as such. You will also notice that most parts of the schedule have not changed at all. Therefore there is no need to download them again.

Hope you liked my Xmas present. This too will be updated and completed as fast as I can. I noticed that Rainer announced it in the Newsroom. Thank you for the advertisment, Boss! Btw., Francesco has told me that he will start on the update of the RC99 files soon. So stay tuned!

1999-12-20 It's Xmas time again. So merry Xmas to all of you who visited this web page over the last nine months. Merry Xmas to all my fellow TCA pilots and their families. May peace be with you.

Xmas time is a time to take a few days off. Therefore this page won't be updated any more in this milennium. I'll be back on January 3. If you claim now that this milennium will last another year, I know this. But I have given in to the general attitude of ignoring the facts. They want to celebrate the year with the three zeros and nothing is going to stop them.

Xmas is also the season for gifts. Rainer's gift was the new winter schedule just in time for Xmas. Due to my absence over the holidays I will start work on the updates in the new year.

I have a gift for you, too. At least for those among you who use NAV 3.0 by Ted Wright. For details have a look at the NAV 3.0 section. I hope you'll like what I have in store for you.

Apart from that I have added lines 1020 and 1030 to the Intercontinental section. They will be the last for a while as I intend to first update the nearer lines to the new winter schedule. I'll start the update immediately after the Xmas holidays. So stay tuned for the updates next year. Talk to you again in the year 2000.

1999-11-29 Now that I've completed my first full flight in FS2000 using a PF98 adventure I can say a bit more about compatibility. Most things work but a few don't. Generally speaking you can use PF98 to create adventures for FS2000. Read the details in the PF98 support section. Now that I know that it is not in vain I will accelerate my flight plan creation again.

In the files section I have uploaded the first two intercontinental flights 1010 and 1011 from Curaçao to Frankfurt Rhein/Main and back. The files are available both for PF98 and ACS-GPS. Expect the next flights to follow soon.

1999-11-18 I've somewhat slowed down a bit again. Reasons are heavy work load at the office with a lot of travel involved, FS2000 (have to try all those neat functions) and other favourite games of mine that came up with new versions just in time for Xmas. At the moment I've got N4S4, AOE 2, FIFA 2000 and they all are sooooo exciting. And Links LS 2000 is still missing (waiting for me under the christmas tree, but shhhhh, I don't know yet!!!). :-)

Talking about exciting things. Today I've seen that Martin H. Smith's APLC32 compiler has popped up in the latest version 1.30 with FS2000 compatibility on As soon as I find the time I'll try one or two PF98 adventures compiled with V1.30 in FS2000.

I have started to work on the Intercontinental flightplans. This appears to be a real chore as lots of the waypoints are not in the database an I'll have to check them one by one against my Jeppesen High Altitude charts. Therefore I decided to upload one flight plan at a time. Otherwise you might have to wait for quite a long time. Hope you don't mind. Already when converting the first flight plan I came across an ugly limitation in the flight plan generator: not more than 30 user defined waypoints including destination airport. :(

I'll have to apologize to Francesco. He sent the last routes already a week ago but I haven't found the time yet to upload them. But here they are.

Updated or new files today:
NAV    TDM American Parcels Service lines added
RC99:   TDM American Parcels Service lines added

1999-11-03 Finally FS2000 has landed on my hard disk. But I haven't been able to test the PF98 compatibility yet. First reports say that PF98 adventures will not work. If so I can only hope that Upfront Simulations/AETI come up with a FS2000 version asap. Or maybe a FS2K compatible APL compiler will do the trick.

I'm afraid I forgot two files in the last upload of the TAC lines. TAC lines have been uploaded again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also I've recognized that I did not update all of the airport packages correctly. Therefore I've uploaded the packages for TDM Hawaii and TDM Puerto Rico again. Once more, sorry for any trouble caused by this.

Updated or new files today:
ACS-GPS: TAC lines added
                  TCA Central America lines added
PF98:         TAC lines uploaded again
                  TCA Central America lines added
                  TDM Hawaii missing airport package updated
                  TDM Puerto Rico missing airport packages updated

1999-10-26 FS2000 is out! Ok, I haven't received my copy yet (we always have to wait a little longer here in Europe) but by the end of this week it will be available, my favourite retailer promised. I'm anxiously waiting for the weekend :-)

My major concern personally is compatibility. I already know that some of my favourite add-ons won't work with FS2000. I still have no idea about PF98 adventures. Will they work? If someone knows, please tell me. I will try it as soon as I have installed FS2K on my hard disk. As long as I don't know for sure I will continue my work as if nothing had happened.

Updated or new files today:
NAV:  TDM Jamaica lines added
PF98:  Tradewind Air Cargo lines updated
RC99:  TDM Jamaica lines added

1999-10-12 Hello again. I'm back to my usual working speed. I'd love to update the site faster but I still have got a real world job (I'm most greatful for this fact) which keeps me from concentrating on the really important tasks ;-)
Updated or new files today:
ACS-GPS: TCA Northamerica lines added
PF98:         TCA Pacific lines updated
1999-10-01 It's been a long time comin' but eventually I've finished the PF98 Northamerica lines. ACS-GPS format will follow next week.
Updated or new files today:
PF98:   TCA Northamerica lines updated
1999-09-29 Updated or new files today:
NAV:   TCA Caribbean lines 0500 - 0551 added
RC99:   TCA Caribbean lines 0500 - 0551 added
1999-09-22 I have been silent for a few days. Sorry! But my time is as limited as yours is. I'm working on the Northamerica lines and hope to be able to upload them soon.
In the meantime I have added a new gimmick to my web page. It is nothing of real importance but I loved the idea. Perhaps I should explain a little. Top left you'll find the Internet time which was created by taking 24 hours and dividing them by 1000. The resulting unit is called a Swatch.beat and is 86.4 seconds long. The Internet time is the same all over the world. No more time zones. So instead of starting the Fly-In at 20:00 PST (what time is that in CEDT?) you could agree on starting the Fly-In at @260. The Internet time was invented by the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch (they actually do offer watches with Internet time). You'll find the details - and a lot of advertisment for their watches of course - at
1999-09-14 Rob Abernathy provided me with the updated TDM lines. Please note that I have changed the names of the Service Sectors according to the published schedule. Please note further that the Hawaii and Guadeloupe lines have changed numbers (44xx to 48xx and vice versa).
Updated or new files today:
NAV:   TCA Northamerica lines added
PF98:   TDM lines updated
RC99:   TCA Northamerica lines added
1999-08-31 Updated or new files today:
ACS-GPS:   TCA Southamerica lines updated
PF98:          TCA Southamerica lines updated
1999-08-27 Updated or new files today:
ACS-GPS:   TCA Caribbean lines completed
NAV:          TDM Nl. Antilles lines added
RC99:          TDM Nl. Antilles lines added
1999-08-26 PF98: TCA Caribbean lines completed
1999-08-24 Updated or new files today (more to follow later this week): 
NAV:      TCA Central America lines added 
RC99:     TCA Central America lines added
1999-08-20 For reasons of disk space limitations I have decided to remove the airport html files. Airport data for import into the PF98 database can still be downloaded as zipped package. Sorry for the inconvenience. 
King Ingersoll sent me a package of flight plans in SquakBox format. Included are flights from the TCA Caribbean, North America and South America department. Thank you very much. 
Updated or new files today: 
NAV:       TDMAC Florida lines added 
PF98:       TCA Caribbean lines updated 
RC99:      TDMAC Florida lines added 
SB:          SB flight plan package added (see note above)
1999-08-12 Later today I received from Francesco the first TDM Bahamas lines in both NAV 3.0 and Radar Contact format. 
Updated or new files today: 
ACS-GPS:   TCA Caribbean lines updated 
NAV:           TCA Caribbean lines updated 
                    TAC Air Cargo lines added 
PF98:           TCA Caribbean lines updated 
RC99:          TCA Caribbean lines updated 
                    TAC Air Cargo lines added
1999-08-11 12:37 CEDT total eclipse of the sun over Munich, the first in my life (and probably the last). A very impressive event.
1999-08-10 NAV 3.0 department opened. Now you can download NAV pln files too. 
Updated or new files today: 
ACS-GPS:  TCA Caribbean lines updated 
                   TCA Pacific lines added (copied from the TCA Pacific webpage - thanks to the TCA Pacific guys) 
NAV:          TCA Caribbean lines added 
PF98:          TCA Caribbean lines updated
1999-08-06 Radar Contact 99 department opened. Now you can download files to create RC99 adventures too. 
ACS-GPS department opened. Now you can also download prg files to import into ACS-GPS. 
I am in the process of checking and updating the Caribbean lines. This will take a while. But the new flights are available already and for the others you can use the old files still. 
Added a link to Ralf Andermanns DP-GPS department. I don't see any sense in recreating something that is already there.
1999-08-03 I have added the new PF98 flight plans for the Caribbean section. For the flights already existing in the 9802 schedule you will have to use the old files for the time being. An update will follow asap.
1999-08-02 No, you have not selected the wrong URL! This is actually the site you had bookmarked. But as I promised before the summer vacation lots of things have changed here. A new layout with frames. Hope you like it. And new formats available for the TCA flight plans. With these new formats we hope to be of assistance to more pilots than those using PF98. We have a section for Radar Contact 99 and one for Alain Capt's brilliant ACS-GPS. With more to follow. 
Oh, as I say 'we', I'm no longer alone. Rob Abernathy and Francesco Cozzi have joined the team to maintain the contents of this site. Welcome aboard. And a big thank you to John Martin for the title graphics.
07-15-1999 Well, my friends, it's holiday season. I'm going on vacations for two weeks. Nothing will happen in the meantime. Actually I'm waiting for the release of the summer schedule. After the break I'll be back with a lot of surprises. The only thing I'll tell you right away is that the page will get a new layout and lots of additional stuff. And the summer schedule and the still missing lines, of course. So watch out!
07-09-1999 TDM Amazon lines added
Added new hints to the Hints & Tips section concerning problems that have been reported to me
07-07-1999 Added some information concerning the variable center frequencies to the Hints & Tips section
07-06-1999 TDM Honduras lines added
06-29-1999 Compatibility problems concerning IE5 have been reported to me - details in the hints section
06-24-1999 Third tutorial added to the Hints section: how to set the compiler options to get most out of PF98
Updated the various hints with hot links to the corresponding tutorials (getting almost interactive)
06-22-1999 TCA Southamerica lines completed
06-18-1999 TCA Southamerica lines updated, they are nearly complete, only the Venezuela Commuter lines 35xx are still missing
With these flight plans I have tried to introduce a new feature, different center frequencies according to the area
I have assigned a freq to every center and as you cross control areas you are asked to contact a new center freq - hope you like it
06-17-1999 TCA Southamerica lines added
06-16-1999 Added a section with information concerning myself - maybe you're interested :-)
06-11-1999 TDMAC Florida lines added (created by TCA pilots Ken Malczinsky and Rob Abernathy; thank you, guys)
New entries into the Hints & Tips section
06-10-1999 TCS Commuter Service lines, TDM Grenadines lines, TDM Puerto Rico lines added
Corrected some errors in airport data sheets
06-09-1999 TDM lines in commission of American Parcels Service added
06-08-1999 Decided to change a few things (like the layout of the 'What's new?' section). Especially the Missing Airports list grew so long that I
had to redo it completely. Hope you'll like it.
Changed the link to the ProFlight98 Panels, it was outdated. Sorry for any inconvenience!
TDM Jamaica lines added, TDM Guadeloupe lines added (credits again to Rob Abernathy, thank you Rob)
06-02-1999 TDM Hawaii lines added
06-01-1999 TAC Air Cargo lines completed (finally)
TDM Caribbean lines completed
05-27-1999 TAC Air Cargo lines updated
05-26-1999 TAC Air Cargo lines updated
Correctd wrong MagVar values in all airport data sheets in the files section
05-21-1999 TAC Air Cargo lines updated
Second tutorial added to the Hints section: how to add airports and runways to the database; Navaids tutorial updated
05-19-1999 TCA Pacific lines added (another work of TCA pilot Rob Abernathy)
TAC Air Cargo lines added
05-10-1999 TDM Bahamas lines completed (created by TCA pilot Rob Abernathy)
05-03-1999 TDM Bahamas lines updated (again created by TCA pilot Rob Abernathy)
TDM Caribbean lines added
04-23-1999 TCA Centralamerica lines completed
TDM Bahamas lines added (created by TCA pilot Rob Abernathy)
04-22-1999 First tutorial added to the Hints section: how to add navaids to the database
04-21-1999 TCA Northamerica lines completed
04-16-1999 Site added to the Friends of TCA Webring
TCA Northamerica lines updated
04-14-1999 What's New section added to main page
04-09-1999 TCA Northamerica lines updated
04-06-1999 Official opening of the TCA PF98 Support Page

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