01. Name: Hans Niedermeier
02. TCA pilot: #2239, crew member since 1997 - or was it 1996, can't remember, have to check (see point 10 below)
03. Residence: Munich, beautiful city near the bavarian Alps (you can actually see them when we have what we call Foen, a warm southern wind that comes from Italy, climbes up the south slopes of the Alps and descends on the north with an incredible speed) - yes the city with the world famous Oktoberfest
04. Born: yes, obviously
05. When: 08-15-1958
06. Where: in a small town east of Munich (you won't find it on a map)
07. Weight: always a few kilos too many (see point 13 below)
08. Height: just a few centimeters too short for my weight (again refer to point 13)
09. Greatest virtue: Reliability - when I promise something I'll fulfill it on all costs
10. Greatest vice: Altzheimer - I keep forgetting things, especially what I'd promised,hm...what was I doing here? :-)
11. Occupation: Fujitsu Siemens Computers
On the January, 01 I celebrated my 25th company anniversary. It's unbelievable
My department supports customers who upgrade to new versions of our mainframe operating system BS2000/OSD - that means lots of travel, mostly in Germany and Europe but I already went as far as Moscow and Singapore
12. Hobbies: computers, I actually built my current system from scratch (Intel Pentium IV 2.8 GHz on a MSI 845E board with 512MB DDR-RAM, MSI Radeon 9800 graphics card), in fact the side covers of my tower are more often removed than attached
simulation games (FS2002, GP4, FIFA2002, GTR, Links 2003 etc.)
sports ended the squash (with all due respect we're old men now) but keep up with the jogging
music (too many favourites to name them here), preferably I listen to music when I'm alone in my car, veeeery loud and I sing along - would be a terrible torture if someone had to listen to it ;-)
13. Horror movies: Want to see what I look like? I have taken the following picture for three reasons:
Firstly I found it most apropriate for TCA because it was taken on a caribbean beach near Punta Cana during a stopover on TCA flight 0040/0041/0042 ;-)
Secondly it is actually the only scanned photo that exists of myself :-)))
And last but not least it proves the points 07 and 08 above - you can't prove 09 and 10 on a photo, can you?
Oh sure I could have forgotten my shorts but then I wouldn't publish it anyway