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The ProFlight98 documentation states clearly and unequivocally that you are allowed to share only TFP files without violating copyrights. TFP files are actually text files that contain the necessary waypoint information for adventure compilation. You will have to open the TFP file with your Adventure Planner and compile an adventure.
Details are explained in the readme file enclosed in every package. If you are not sure what to do or if you have no experience with the Adventure Planner yet, here you can find a step by step introduction.

Below you can find the files that are currently available for download. Please note that I have taken the freedom to assemble packages according to service and region. I didn't want to make a zip archive for every line. As the flight plans are very small in size this shouldn't be a problem. Flight plans are based on the revision indicated in brackets (Rev xxxx). My intention is to update all sections to the latest revision asap.

The following files are or will shortly be available:
Service  Line # File Size File Status
TCA Caribbean 0xxx 106 kB Complete: 11-07-2000 (Rev. 0101)
TCA Mexico 03xx 66 kB Complete: 09-03-2001 (Rev. 0101)
TCA Intercontinental  1xxx 118 kB Complete: 12-17-2001 (Rev. 0101)
TCA Northamerica  2xxx 83 kB Complete: 12-17-2001 (Rev. 0101)
TCA Southamerica 3xxx 34 kB Complete: 05-09-2000 (Rev. 0101)
TDM Nl. Antilles and Venezuela 40xx 45 kB Complete: 06-01-1999 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Bahamas 41xx - 42xx 47 kB Complete: 09-14-1999 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Leeward Islands 43xx - 44xx 62 kB Complete: 09-14-1999 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Jamaica and
Cayman Islands
45xx 33 kB Complete: 06-08-1999 (Rev. 0002)
TDM American Parcels Service Commission 46xx 32 kB Complete: 06-09-1999 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Grenadines 47xx 40 kB Complete: 06-10-1999 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Hawaiian Islands 48xx 45 kB Complete: 09-14-1999 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Puerto Rico and
Virgin Islands
49xx 37 kB Complete: 06-10-1999 (Rev. 0002)
TCA Chile 6xxx   Not yet available
TDM Amazon A0xx 37 kB Complete: 07-09-1999 (Rev. 0001)
TAC Air Cargo Cxxx 62 kB Complete: 01-04-2000 (Rev. 0001)
TDMAC Florida Fxxx 108 kB Complete: 06-10-1999 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Honduras H0xx 47 kB Complete: 07-06-1999 (Rev. 0101)
TCA Centralamerica H5xx 24 kB Complete: 11-03-1999 (Rev. 0002)
KLM Code Share KLxxxx   Not yet available
LAN Chile Code Share LAxxx   Not yet available
LTU Code Share LTxxxx   Not yet available
TCA Pacific Pxxxx 26 kB Complete: 10-12-1999 (Rev. 0002)
TCA Alaska xxxx Not yet available

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Missing Airport Information

Some of the flight plans contained in the packages cannot be used immediately with PF98 due to the fact that necessary airport information is not available in the default PF98 database. In order to use these flight plans you will want to update your database. Below you'll find a list of the lines for which you need an update and a link to the data you'll have to enter into your database.

Oh, something else you should know: of course not all of the airports below are part of the default FS98 scenery. Therefore the data is based on a particular 3rd party scenery. If you use a different one the airport and runway locations can differ from each other. So it might be a good idea to check the location befor you attempt to make your first approach to the added airport.

You can download all airports needed for a package (click on the package name). The files in the packages are HTML format, but as you can read this you can read everything ;-)
Package Airport data Line numbers
TAC Air Cargo Mriya Cay MYYY* C542
TCA American Parcels Service Commission Duncan Town MYRD
Mriya Cay MYYY*

Nicaro MUNC

4680, 4681 
4610-13, 4630-33, 4650-51, 4670-71, 4680-81,
4690-91, 4696-97 
4600, 4603
TCA Caribbean Lines Santa Fuerta MXXX*
Tucupita SVTC*
Tumeremo SVTM*
Uriman SVUM*
0840, 0841 
0841, 0842
TCA Chile Isla Rey Jorge SCRM*
Isla Robinson Crusoe SCIR*
6520, 6521 
6500, 6501
TCA Pacific Maiao Atoll NTMA*
Maupiti NTTP*
Penrhyn NCPY*
Tetiaroa NTTE*
Tupai NTHH*
P4005, P4009 
TDM Amazon  Baiao SNBW*
Boca do Acre SWNK*
Borba SWBR*
Breves SNVS*
Caracarai SWQI*
Chaves SNXW*
Coari SWKO*
Fonte Boa SWOB*
Humanita SWHT*
Maues SWMW*
Moura SWOW*
Novo Aripuana SWNA*
Paritins SWPI*
Portel SNPL*
Pres. Figueiredo SWPF*
Santo Antonio/Ipiranga SWII*
Santo Antonio/S.Luzia SWZI*
A013, A014 
A019, A020 
A003, A004 
A011, A012 
A005, A006 
A009, A010 
A001, A002 
A001, A002 
A003, A004 
A007, A008 
A005, A006 
A003, A004 
A007, A008 
A015, A016 
A005, A006 
A001, A002 
A001, A002
TDM Bahamas Cay Sal MYCS
Duncan Town MYRD
Everglades KX01
Farmers Cay MYE3
Mayaguana MYMM
Middle Caicos MBMC
Mores Island MYAO
Pine Cay MBPI
Rum Cay MYE5
Salt Cay MBSY
Walkers Cay MYAW
West Caicos XX01
4170, 4172, 4173 
4160, 4161 
4170, 4172 
4220, 4221 
4200, 4201 
4150, 4153 
4210, 4211, 4212, 4213 
4150, 4152 
TDMAC Florida Cedar Key CDK F261, F262, F263
TDM Grenadines Canouan TVSC*
Carriacou XX04*
Mustique TVSM*

Pearls XX05*
Union Island TVSU*

4710, 4713, 4760, 4761 
4720-23, 4730, 4733, 4740, 4741, 4760, 4761 
4710, 4712, 4713, 4720, 4723, 4730, 4733, 4752, 4753, 4756, 4757, 4760, 4761 
4760, 4761 
4710-13, 4720, 4721, 4760, 4761
TDM Hawaii Kalaupapa PHLU
Port Allen XX21
Puuwai XX22
USS Carl Vinston XX23
4800-03, 4832, 4833, 4841, 4842 
4810, 4812, 4813 
4811, 4812
TDM Honduras  Amapala MHAM*
Ariswatla XX18*
Barra del Colorado MRBC*
Bluefields MNBL*
Bonito Oriental XX11*
Catacamas MHCA*
Choluteca MHCH*
Coyoles Central XX13*
El Gallo XX19*
Guanaja MHNJ*
Isla de Utila MHUT*
Isla del Maiz XX14*
La Esperanza MHLE*
Leon MNLN*
Los Chiles MRLC*
Nueva Guinea XX20*
Puerto Lempira MHPL*
Rivas XX17*
Ruinas de Copan MHRU*
San Carlos MNSC*
San Lorenzo XX16*
Santa Rosa de Lima XX15*
Siuna MNSL*
Tela MHTE*
Trujillo MHTJ*
Wampusirpi XX12*
H009 - H011, H015, H016, H020, H021 
H020, H021 
H004, H005, H020, H021, H023 
H015 - H019 
H001 - H008 
H001, H002, H006, H007, H008 
H004, H005 
H012, H014 
H020, H021 
H020, H021 
H004, H005 
H012, H014 
H015, H016 
H015, H016 
H001, H002 
H001, H002 
TDM Jamaica Little Cayman MWCL
Ocho Rios MKBS
Port Antonio MKKJ
Santa Fuerta MXXX*
4560, 4563 
4500, 4501 
4500, 4501 
4510-13, 4550-53, 4570, 4573, 4574, 4580
TDM Leeward Islands Baillif TFFB
Cocoa Point TAPT
Codrington TAPH
Grande Anse TFFA
Les Saintes TFFS
Nevis TKPN
Saint Barthelemy TFFJ
Saint François TFFC
4431, 4432 
4360, 4362 
4330, 4331, 4360, 4361, 4363 
4431, 4432 
4431, 4432 
4342, 4343 
4320, 4321 
4431, 4432
TDM Nl. Antilles Guiria SVGI
Isla de Coche SVIE
La Blanquilla XX03
La Orchila SVLO
Pedernales XX02
Tucupita SVTC*
4070, 4073 
4080, 4081 
4020, 4023 
4070, 4073 
4070, 4071
TDM Puerto Rico Anegada TUPA
Arecibo XX07
Dorado XX06
Isla de Culebra TJCP
Limetree Cove XX24*
Patillas XX09
Santa Isabel XX08
Virgin Gorda TUPW
4901, 4902 
4910, 4912, 4913 
4910, 4912, 4913 
4940-43, 4970-73 
GT-1, GT-2
4910-13, 4940-43 
4901, 4902
Airports marked with an asterisk are not in the FS98 default scenery. An add-on scenery is necessary to be able to fly to those places.

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 In case you have problems with the download contact
Hans Niedermeier (#2239)