This is the Radar Contact 99 adventures page. Here you will find flight plans in RC99 format for all the lines of the TCA schedule (well, not yet; give me a little time to prepare them ;-) ). Following the example of our friend Hans - who first tracked the route - I would like to offer support for all RC99 users who like to fly our lines. Radar Contact is quite new and since I have purchased it and as long as I have been using it I couldn't find real bugs in it. Probably because it is simple compared to ProFlight98 (I have been a ProFlight98 Beta tester and it was a real experience!) and 'solid as a rock' as one of the authors said.

Anyway, I like it and I appreciate the possibility of using my favourite flight planner. Btw. the planner I use to make the flight plans and the RC99 apl files is Ted Wright's NAV 3.0 in its current beta version, which I highly recommend. The NAV 3.0 flight plans will be available shortly at this server. So if you want to modify my plans you will have to open them with NAV 3.0. The apl files can of course be modified as far as the RC99 adventure generator interface allows (you can modify frequencies, callsigns, alternate airports and so on).

Contributions are highly welcome! If you have hints and tips or problems that you have faced and resolved (ok, even if you haven't resolved them) send me all the information and I will keep the page updated with my advice and yours to support other people too. Anyway, I highly recommend the Radar Contact forum on AVSIM in case of problems. The authors give a continued support there in case of malfunctions or doubt. They are surely more competent than me.

I am working on the new schedule and it will take a while until I have all the flight plans available for download. So take it easy and have a bit of patience. If you want to help me you can send new lines to me and I will check and upload them.

Below you can find the files currently available for download. Flight plans are based on the revision indicated in brackets (Rev xxxx). My intention is to update all sections to the latest revision asap. Installation is explained in the Readme file which is part of every package.

The following files are or will shortly be available:
Service Line # File Size File Status
TCA Caribbean 0xxx 148 kB Complete: 11-07-2000 (Rev. 0201)
TCA Mexico 03xx 84 kB Complete: 09-03-2001 (Rev. 0101)
TCA Intercontinental 1xxx 137 kB Complete: 12-17-2001 (Rev. 0101)
TCA Northamerica 2xxx 120 kB Complete: 12-17-2001 (Rev.0101)
TCA Southamerica 3xxx 29 kB Complete: 05-29-2000 (Rev. 0101)
TDM Nl.Antilles and Venezuela 40xx 56 kB Complete: 08-08-2000 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Bahamas 41xx - 42xx 59 kB Update: 10-19-2000 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Leeward Islands 43xx - 44xx 88 kB Complete: 11-09-2000 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Jamaica and
Cayman Islands
45xx 33 kB Complete: 12-20-2000 (Rev. 0002)
TDM American Parcels Service Commission 46xx 28 kB Complete: 02-12-2001 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Grenadines 47xx 48 kB Complete: 06-12-2001 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Hawaiian Islands 48xx 63 kB Complete: 06-12-2001 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Puerto Rico and
Virgin Islands
49xx 49 kB Complete: 08-02-2001 (Rev. 0002)
TCA Chile 6xxx 32 kB Complete: 04-10-2003 (Rev. 0202)
TDM Amazon A0xx Not yet available
TAC Air Cargo Cxxx 72 kB Update: 06-15-2000 (Rev. 0002)
TDMAC Florida Fxxx 30 kB Update: 08-20-1999 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Honduras H0xx 54 kB Complete: 12-17-2001 (Rev. 0101)
TCA Centralamerica H5xx 14 kB Complete: 05-24-2000 (Rev. 0002)
KLM Code Share KLxxxx   Not yet available
LAN Chile Code Share  LAxxx 44 kB Complete: 04-29-2003 (Rev. 0202)
LTU Code Share LTxxx   Not yet available
TCA Pacific Pxxx 19 kB Complete: 09-03-2001 (Rev. 0002)
TCA Alaska xxxx Not yet available

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