Here you can find the TCA lines in Super Flight Planner (SFP) format.

I have used NAV V3.0 to create the flight plans (see the NAV 3.0 download section) and have then exported the flight plans to the SFP format.

Usage is actually simple and straight forward. Just copy the files to the Plans subdirectory of your Super Flight Planner directory. In the Flight Plan window of SFP you can load the flight plan from the File menu. Then click on Open and select one of the listed files. Details are explained in the readme file which is part of every package.

Below you can find the files that are currently available for download. Please note that I have taken the freedom to assemble packages according to service and region. I didn't want to make a zip archive for every line. As the flight plans are very small in size this shouldn't be a problem. Flight plans are based on the revision indicated in brackets (Rev xxxx). My intention is to update all sections to the latest revision asap.

The following files are or will shortly be available:
Service Line # File Size File Status
TCA Caribbean 0xxx 136 kB Complete: 11-07-2000 (Rev. 0201)
TCA Mexico 03xx 86 kB Complete: 09-03-2001 (Rev. 0101)
TCA Intercontinental 1xxx 210 kB Complete: 12-17-2001 (Rev. 0101)
TCA Northamerica 2xxx 112 kB Complete: 12-17-2001 (Rev. 0101)
TCA Southamerica 3xxx 32 kB Complete: 05-29-2000 (Rev. 0101)
TDM Nl.Antilles and Venezuela 40xx 28 kB Complete: 08-08-2000 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Bahamas 41xx - 42xx 27 kB Complete: 08-16-2000 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Leeward Islands 43xx - 44xx 41 kB Complete: 11-08-2000 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Jamaica and
Cayman Islands
45xx 16 kB Complete: 12-20-2000 (Rev. 0002)
TDM American Parcels Service Commission 46xx 14 kB Complete: 01-29-2001 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Grenadines 47xx 24 kB Complete: 04-11-2001 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Hawaiian Islands 48xx 28 kB Complete: 06-12-2001 (Rev. 0002)
TDM Puerto Rico and
Virgin Islands
49xx 23 kB Complete: 08-02-2001 (Rev. 0002)
TCA Chile 6xxx 32 kB Complete: 04-10-2003 (Rev. 0202)
TDM Amazon A0xx Not yet available
TAC Air Cargo Cxxx 75 kB Complete: 06-05-2000 (Rev. 0001)
TDMAC Florida Fxxx   Not yet available
TDM Honduras H0xx 28 kB Complete: 12-17-2001 (Rev. 0101)
TCA Centralamerica H5xx 14 kB Complete: 05-10-2000 (Rev. 0002)
KLM Code Share KLxxxx   Not yet available
LAN Chile Code Share  LAxxx 63 kB Complete: 04-29-2003 (Rev. 0202)
LTU Code Share LTxxx   Not yet available
TCA Pacific Pxxx 16 kB Complete: 09-03-2001 (Rev. 0002)
TCA Alaska xxxx Not yet available

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